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Mad As Hell People is guided by the principles of empowering

and giving visibility to incredible and talented people, celebrating

gender equity in all social and economic activities. The project is

an unprecedented channel with original content that features

personalities, artists, designers, activists, and professionals from different

areas coming together for the purpose of celebrating who they are.

Our pursuit goes beyond promotion: the magazine is an innovative

platform that seeks to empower all its allies and contributors, effectively

strengthening the development of new business models and

encouraging the development of new professionals.

Aligning this first edition with the core of our mission, we have

taken a journey through some of the most important aspects of our

lives today — cultural expression, our history and economic impact as

a community, those who freely embody their identities as well as those

who help them achieve that expression, and much more. This edition

is a celebration of Pride Month, which will be followed by quarterly issues.

Our partners in conquering this challenge, the Unity Coalition|-

Coalición Unida (UC|CU) is an organization for the Latinx|Hispanic

& Indigenous LGBTQ community that has been advancing Equality

& Fairness through Education, Leadership and Awareness since 2002.

Additionally, we are also honored to be partnered with Robert Garret

Smith, the visionary mind behind the Phluid Project, an institution

of its own when it comes to genderless apparel and inclusive business

practices guided by social justice. Accordingly, our first featured profile

celebrates him, his work, and his brand. We are thrilled to launch this

magazine in June 2021 in Miami, marking our celebration of Pride.

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